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Part 6

Part 6
What should she say? Speechless she stared at him. In her boldest dreams she would not have imagined to sit with Jon Bon Jovi at the bar and he was it the substitute appointment for Bob now, too.
“Angie, is everything ok with you?”, she heard Jon asking. Angie nodded “yes sure, everything is ok. Please excuse, but I am surprised a little anyway ", answered Angie. Jon gave it a smile relieved, " then it´s good, I already thought my society will not suit you. I may order you something to drink, you look that as if you could use something stronger than your champagne cocktail." When Angie nodded agreeing, he ordered a drink for her and itself. The barman had just put the drinks when Jon already held his in his hand. He said cheers for Angie to " until a beautiful evening, Angie. I look forward to meeting you!"
Also Angie raised her glass "until a beautiful evening, Jon," and a timid smile swirled about her lips.
Regina and Yvonne watched laghast the event at the bar when they were roused from their thoughts roughly. "As you can see, does your friend have society, how does it stand with you? You do not feel like coming to our table instead of sitting about here alone?", asking a deep man's voice. They girls looked up and looked into two brown eyes in amusement flash her. "In addition, I would like to use the opportunity to get to know the pretty, delightful young lady better who have I kissed at the Concert in Bremen and whom may not wash now any more."
Nothing at all could tell Regina sometimes she stared at Richie with open mouth and big eyes. Yvonne began to laugh bravely. She saw to Regina and back of Richie. "What are we for fans anyway? Drive with our darlings in a railway compartment and practise us also into this English to speak. Oh, this is embarrassingly and actually rather my God to this to sink in the ground, instead of to this laugh! But I cannot, have we given this one in the railway compartment, differently the idea simply must have been exquisite for you."
"Yes, you are right", Richie answered her laughing. "But it was nice to listen to you without knowing who we are. So you have at least not taken any newspaper in front of the mouth and listening was fun and was interesting only in such a way. If you had known, who we were, would you have behaved differently, or what? So you were casual and free and this is what we like. Not this hypocritical to-do of so some fans who talk with one. „therefore you come?, Richie asked once again.
Yvonne and Regina took their drinks and sat with the others to the table. As everyone was introduced the room got filled with a happy conversation while it was shutting as well at the bar between Angie and Jon around something.
Angie saw lost in her glass that she kept did in her hands, not and said a word.
Jon looked at her thoughtfully and waiting. Jon interrupted the silence after a while of the waiting. “Everything all right? You are so silent. Jon asked quietly?.
Angie looked at him " I´m sorry Jon, I am only a little sad. It have nothing to do with you, quite certain. I have dreamt of meeting you in Nature and talking with you already once in a while. I am really pleased that you are my substitute appointment but you know I wait already so long to get to know Bob on this finally personally and should it be ready tonight. It has not worked now and because of this I am a little disappointed. Please do not be angry with me if I am a little more quiet ", apologized to Angie." Jon nodded. “Something like that I could imagine but you must know that Bob is tremendously sorry, he had looked forward to you namely also very much. He really can do nothing, this is just so, if one is a businessman. This happens to me now and then, too,” Jon explained to her. “However nevertheless ...... I do not blame Bob, I know that it can do nothing " . ", answered Angie.
They sat silently besides each other again than of the table, where the rest of the band and their friends sat together, a loud, hearty laughter could be heard. Curiously Angie turned round and so did Jon. Both saw how Richie played with Regina's fingers, he looked into her eyes and whispered something into their ear. The others at the table talked laughing. Smiling Jon turned round again to the bar which looked assessing it when he caught a look from Angie's eyes. Confused a little Jon looked back and forth between the table of his colleagues and Angie. "Something is not correct?", Jon wanted to know. "What shall not be correct?, then", the irritated counter question came from Angie. Astonishedly about her tone, Jon looked at her " Excuse me please, have I said something wrong? Why you are so angry on me?", wanted Jon to know. Angie only shook the head and looked into her glass again. Please Angie, talk to me. What have I done, that you yell at me?”
“Do you make it often stand in for your friends if they cannot go to their dates?", wondered Angie. Rage had welled up in her when she heard her friends laughing. While it had been let sit, they seemed to have fun very well. "No, this was the first time and it also will have been the last time. Bob had before swarmed by you tells stories bout you, so that I was curious. Not increase! I would have that it runs so, then ......, if known."
Angie found outragedly " what out then?". "I then would not have let myself in for it. I wanted to do Bob a favour and want you to keep of a lonely evening.. I could now sit and laugh and talk with my friends at the table over there. But I sit here with you instead and must have at me yelled of you unjustly ", replied Jon quietly. "I do not hold you, you can go to your friends and laugh with them. It seems you have not laughed apparently enough today ", Angie replied harsh to Jon. "How you mean this?", Jon wanted to know about her astonishedly. "Well, you should have found exquisitely us funny this morning in the railway compartment anyway. Which dreams three stupid women of us, as if they are teenagers. Was for certain very funny to listen to us anyway. And? Have you tipped you out over us with laughter after we were gone?"
"Neither we have found you funny nor we have tipped each other out with laughter. Shall these insinuations what? If you are furious with Bob, then do not vent this on me” Jon answered a little irritated now, too.
"Oh, stop, who shall believe this,? Has nobody told you that it is impolite to eavesdrop on others during private calls? I, and in addition you can order Bob he can. I choose my appointments!"
"Angie please, we couldn’t do nothing as to listen to you, because we are sitting in the same compartment, anyway, finally ..."
“It is better I am going now”, Angie interrupted him roughly. "Before I still lose the patience and say something for which I afterwards am sorry. Thanks you for the beautiful evening, Jon, good night, ", with these words Angie slips of the bar stool and left fast step the bar.
Jon had been so frightened about Angie's unexpected temperamental fit, that he needed some seconds to understand that Angie had let him sit.
“Shit, so I did not have imagined the evening”, . This evening has run for me also, Jon summed up, he hastily emptied his glass and also left hurt and sadly at the same time about it as his meeting had ended the bar, like Angie did, not without still taking a look in the direction of his friends before. They still seemed to amuse very well.
Angie hurried toward the lift and pressed the button hastily. She nervously pattered from a foot on the other one until the lift door opened finally for her. When entering the lift she turned round and saw still like Jon with his head hanging down as he came out of the bar. 'It thinks this one is conceited actually does me a favour, it appeals and wants to make me believe to me, it would enhance the evening for me by! Angie got angry, such an idiot ', she thought to herself. But before the lift door closed, she saw that Jon raised his head and he looked with sad eyes to her. Angie´s eyes filled with watering the rage and the disappointment.
It had got furious once on Bob because he had let it lie and then had the impudence of sending it a substitute appointment and on the other hand on her friends, too. These had laughed the whole evening and it had sat like a picture of misery at the bar.
She immediately threw herself on the bed and began to cry unrestrainedly as soon as she arrived in her suite. She cried about her disappointment, all her hope and all her trouble of the soul, till she fall exhaustion asleep.
Had he went straight to the lift, as he looked up, and saw Angie who already was in the lift and looked at him with big eyes. Jon could see just that her eyes filled with tears.
"Angie", he whispered to himself. It hurt him to see her so and he decided the faster the better to speak with her. But when he arrived in front of her suite, he heard her heartbreakingly crying. Jon was insecure what to do now. On the one hand worked it to hear her sorely crying for him, on the other hand but, she had given him a quite beautiful brush-off and he was not sure so, whether it would be the right time if he would try now once again to talk with her. He put his forehead to her door and whispered to himself "I´m so sorry, please do not cry Angie, I did not want this!” he then went sadly to his suite!".
Also Jon immediately put himself to bed, but he could not fall asleep for a long time, too. Too much goes on in his head, only as it come to early morning Jon already had a slight headache he tried to relax, so that he could finally fall asleep.

As Angie woke up the next morning she needed a moment until she remembered why she lay dressed in bed.
After a look at her watch she got up fast and went to take a shower. She had an appointment with her friends for breakfast for 10 o'clock and had to make fast because she was late.
Just when she was ready to leave her suite the bell rings.  To her surprise she saw Jon standing in front of her door as she opened. She had thought to have injured him that she would never see him again so.
But before Angie could say something, Jon had already seized the word.
"Good morning Angie, I please may come in, I must certainly speak with you, it is really very important”, Jon asked.
"Of course you may come in. I also must talk with you ", she authorized the door with these words and asked to take a seat with a gesture on the couch.
As soon as he has taken a seat he already began too speak. " This last night was great misunderstanding and I ....... Jon did not come further with his explanations. Angie had put a finger for him on his lips and Jon fell silent. He saw her questioningly with big eyes to "Schhhht", Angie said quietly,

"I am the one which must apologize to you. I am sincerely sorry, how I behaved last night opposite you have, you had not earned this. You were the scapegoat who has got all my frustration and all my disappointment. You wanted to comfort me actually and I had nothing better in the head than you with unjustified reproaches to cover. I hope you can forgive me and of course I also know that you could not differently but to listen to us, after all, we sat in a compartment, something like that does not fail to appear there. But one thing I must say, I have been really enormously pleased that you were my substitute appointment, perhaps can repeat this on occasion once we? Please, excuse my behaviour Jon, I am really very sorry!"
Angie's remorseful excuse hit him in the heart deeply, " Who knows how I have reacted. I am not mad at you Angie. You have wait so long to meet Bob and then you´ve been disappointed. Everyone can react sometimes like you last night” Jon answered gently. He took Angie's hands into his and painted calming with his thumbs over their backs of the hand, he had noticed how nervous and anxious she was as her apologized to him.
Gratefully for Angie gave him a smile sinking in his blue eyes and get lost into it. He dragged her into his spell magically, she had the feeling to fall. He slowly always came closer to her face until her lips almost touched themselves. A knocking loudly at the door tore both apart. He had looked her deeply into the eyes and was caught from their sinking because Jon had not fared differently than Angie. The bright green of her eyes did not let him off any more.
Frightened they both shot highly of the couch and looked at each other for seconds speechless until it knocked at the door once again and somebody called Angie's names. “These will be Regina and Yvonne ", Angie tried to explain, “we wanted to have breakfast together”. Jon still a little confused nodded and let Angie's hands glide slowly from his.
As Angie open the door her friend began to talking, “Mornings Angie you are ready, we are hungry", it was welcomed merrily by its friends who straight past stalked at it to the living quarter of the suite. “Oh, you have a visitor!”, exclaimed Regina and Yvonne astonishedly like from a mouth. "We did not want to disturb you” Regina grinned mischievously. Angie laughed, „You do not disturb. You do not mind anyway for certain if Jon keeps us company?”, she asked her friends". The booth said “no”. “Jon, I am well right in the assumption that you have not had breakfast yet, or?", anyway Angie asked him. When Jon confirmed her assumption meant it. "If You plan nothing else then you can have breakfast with us together if you do not mind to eat with three crazy, female fans."
"I love to have breakfast with crazy, female fans", Jon laughed "and I know somebody will love it too. I tell him and we meet him down in the restaurant", he winked at Regina, which in embarrassment smiled after that and a breath of redness covered her face. Angie and Yvonne could not keep back a laughter, as them saw as embarrassed Regina according to Jon's comment became. Jon reached for his mobile telephone smiling, called Richie and informed him that he would be expected for breakfast and where they wanted to meet.
The three girls and Jon already sat at a table when Richie finally came. He merrily told all good morning but only Regina got a kiss. He sat down next to her and went on whispering sweet things like the evening before. The other ones took note of it with a lenient smile and had these granted to both. As it looked, both had caught fire to another.
In the further course of the breakfast Jon asked the girls what they wanted to do over the week and the girls presented their plans. They told him and Richie, what they wanted to look at everything and the two men decided to go with them.
They came back in the late afternoon of their sightseeing tour, they arranged an appointment for dinner before everybody went to his room to rest and get ready for the evening . Jon had to come along to Angie first since he had forgotten his room key in her suite in the morning. She immediately saw the great bunch of red roses on her coffee table. “Oh Jon, look," Angie was pleased about the flowers. There was an envelope too, as Angie it took and opened, it pulled a card out.
"Angie my heart,
I feel sorry for the terribly last night, please Angie, you must believe this to me. I never wanted to hurt you, but my business partner was very difficult.
However, I hove Jon has managed to brighten up a little. He told me how sad you were.
Please, forgive for me, I afterwards call you as soon as I have a little break. Promised!
With love

Angie took a rose flower carefully into a hand and breathed in the smell of the rose with closed eyes. She then turned round to Jon, this one stopped next to her waiting had and looked at him with moist eyes. "You have told him nothing?", Angie asked with a shaking voice quietly. Jon shook negatively the head. "Why should I do this? He has tough enough because he blame oneself for last night. If you want you can tell him everything about last night. I wan´t do it", this answered calming  Angie, but the tears ran over her lovely face.
 "Oh Jon", she sobbed. Jon took her carefully into his arms, she squeezed lovingly against him. "Angie, everything is ok, please do not cry. My dear, everything would be ok, believe me Angie. I know Bob and that he loves you more than you can imagine. I know this, because he has told it to me more than once." Angie had put her arms around Jon and held on to him tightly, her head rested at his shoulder while she was crying. Jon slowly managed her to calm down. As them he took back her head and she looked at Jon from tear-stained eyes. He tenderly took her face into his hands and they kissed gently on their easily open lips.
Angie felt Jon's warm lips on hers and was surprised how nice it was to be kissed by him. Her former husband had never kissed her so cautiously. Jon's kiss aroused feelings in her which were new to her.

Jon tasted the salt of her tears on her warm, soft lips and noticed that Angie enjoyed this kiss. He slowly dragged her always more nearly to himself close until he could tightly take her into his arms. His kiss intensified itself more and more meanwhile until it noticed that Angie's lips had further opened and she carefully touched his lips with her tongue. He only allowed her the access to the inside of his mouth with pleasure and obliged her with his tongue. Both tips of the tongue lovingly played with each other and Jon of Angie's lips could come loose only very with difficulty. "Angie” Jon said breathlessly and she almost already looked sadly, " I think it is better, if I go now. I pick you up for dinner, Angie." With these words Jon left her definitely loose and left. Angie still was at the same place and thought about this kiss and her new unusual feelings until her mobile telephone rang and tore them from her thoughts.
Jon thoughtfully went to his suite to get ready for the evening. 'I have let myself be carried away of my senses of Angie` he thought it over. With his fingers he touched softly his lips on which he still felt the kiss. 'I it had been so nice to hold her in my arms and to kiss her soft Lips. But it also were terrible hardly to leave her. But if I have not, maybe we were gone to far. I had to do this, because there still is "Bob".. Jon stood in front of his door, the key in the hand, but he turned and to an inner inspiration followingly  went two rooms further. He had to knock repeatedly before his friend opened him. Only with a towel around the hips his Buddy stood in front of him and saw I questioningly on "I must speak with you”, Jon told. His friend looked at him for a second, “of course Jon" he answered and let him in.

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Part 5

Part 5
They went to their rooms to unpack their bags after the three had checked in in the hotel. At the afternoon they want side seen at Munich's centre and find a beautifully sonny place  to have some coffee. Angie was in her thought as she looks out of her room window it was marvellously warm, the sun is shining and the sky is as blue as Jon's eyes. She exchanged her jeans and the blouse which had carried her on the journey into a light summer dress. Bound her long dark hair to a ponytail, takes her handbag and already she was on the way to the foyer, where she wanted to meet her friends. Also these had got themselves changed and the three opened themselves in a good mood to conquer Munich's centre. The friends strolled by the old town, saw the expenses in their noble boutiques and imagined to be able to buy in these boutiques as it would be without paying attention to the money. Through the street of the noble boutiques the friends still looked at the “Frauenkirche” after this they to a Mail and at the end into a small Eiscafè to calm their appetite on a big ice cream and Strawberry with cream. As they eat the Ice the friends imagine what they can do with Ice, Cream and Strawberry unless to eat it and went on about giggling. Angie's mobile telephone rang but Angie did not know the number, on the display of her mobile telephone and reported with a carefully questioning "yes"?
"Hi my heart, It´s me Bob. How are you? Have you arrived well in Munich? What do you do beautiful?". “Hi Bob”, Angie laughed. “So many questions at all?” she made fun of him lovingly. "Nope", the prompt answer came "I want to know only everything, you really know this", Bob laughed. "Are you already in Munich?", Angie asked expectantly. "However, I do not now jet in which hotel we will stay, but as now as I am there I´ll let you know. I would like to meet you tonight, you have time for your poet?", asked Bob and his voice became  very gently and softly. " Have I?", Angie teased. "I think so", she answered after a very short considering break. Bob laughed, " You are little beast, are you? These are completely new sides at you, I do not know these yet at all. Shall you let your  poet wait so long with the answer? I`m really surprised very much, Tztztztzt” replied Bob in the played serious note. Angie understood this and asked obsequiously for pardon.
The booth talked laughing a couple of minutes until Bob explained that his friend wanted to have got back his mobile telephone which had borrowed Bob from him. Love we meet in yours hotel bar at 10 p.m. this is ok for you? ", Bob asked full of hope.
Angie agreed enthusiastically. "I look forward to tonight Angie, I can hardly expect the time until I can finally see you. The meeting hopefully ends at 8 p.m. I get in touch with you if the meeting needs more time. Till tonight and  greet your friends. Have much fun my heart with your side seen". "I can´t wait to see you tonight Bob.” The two ended its telephone call “Bye ".
I have understood this just correctly ", you meet Bob tonight? ", asked Yvonne. Her cheeks reddened with excitement Angie only nodded, she could not answer the joy was simply too big, even a couple of tears of joy ran down her cheeks . "Wow Angie this is fantastic, however, you have waited for it for a long time. I wish you a wonderful evening", Regina commented on this pleasant news. After Angie had calmed down again, they went back together to the hotel to get ready for the evening. The three had arranged an appointment for dinner and Angie was in the lobby below on time. When her two friends saw her, they did not get out of the astonishment any more. So she had never seen Angie. She had on a long apricot colored silk skirt, which reached her ankles, to this a fitting top with a little broader straps. Both parts shimmered in different tones as soon as Angie moved. She had pinned her dark hair with little flower hair clips and her feet are in delicate sandals. Her Make Up was very discreetly and shone with joy. “You look fantastically" was the compliment from Regina and Yvonne. Angies answers. "I only can return the compliment, you both also look fantastic." Her friends also had thrown themselves in elegant evening dresses.
At the meal Angie got still more nervous, more restless. She poked on her plate, dropped the fork on the plate and sighed in front of herself to. Their nervousness did not remain secret to her friends, they tried to calm it. They first also succeeded but when Regina and Yvonne Angie informed that they considered not at all accompanying her at her appointment, Angie's nerves fluttered once more. She reproached her friends reproachfully "You cannot let me go alone there anyway. "What shall I say, how shall I behave? Shall I take him into the arms or hand only my hand? What is if it is not as nice as in its mails?" Angie was dissolved completely and one saw in her that it seemed to be afraid anyway, telephone calls etc..
"Calm down, Angie, now. He will do nothing to you. Certainly he is as always you imagined him. Have you not said to us this morning that you can always rely on your feelings? You have been so much pleased anyway and you always had a good feeling if it was about Bob. Do not worry now it will certainly pass nothing. You will see, you both will spend a lovely evening.  But, if it calms you, Regina and I then sit down at a little table in the bar and look after you a little remotely from you. If Bob should turn out to be a good-for-nothing anyway, we are punctual to the place OK?” Yvonne asked. Angie nodded in agreement. All three went back to the hotel when it became time, in front of which to meanwhile mass screeching, wailing and highly strung girly stood and waited for Bon Jovi arrived. When the three were at the reception to collect there keys, the Men from Bon Jovi just arrived in the hotel and were attacked by the fans outside. As Bon Jovi past the three friends in the Hotel lobby, the girls recognized the three, now, too, who had sat in the train opposite for them, since Jon, Richie and Tico still wore the same as in the morning clothes. They also had their sunglasses and Capys on. It seemed to Angie they doubtingly shook the head as if Jon had looked at them briefly, ' why should Jon look at me of all people?”, she wondered. "You only have imagined this", Angie, they said to her selves and followed their friends who already waited for her at the entrance of the Bar.
Since it was not 10 p.m. yet, Angie put himself together with their friends to a table. and talked excitedly but quietly about it, that they had not recognized their darlings. Who expected also that three of this moved in the train by Germany instead of flying, however?
"Angie, it is time, you should sit down to the bar now ", reminded Regina.
Angie nodded, got up and sat down to the bar. There she ordered something to drink and waited. Apart from her, Regina and Yvonne nobody still was in the bar.
About twenty minutes later heard the girly why they soon afterwards saw, too, how it turned loud with the bar. Voucher Jovi and still a couple of others crew members entered laughing and talking the bar. You attached the waiter immediately made himself to himself to a table and to this to take the orders of the sirs.
Another ten minutes later Angie saw sadly and disappointed over to their friends, Bob still had not come and he had not reported either. Just when she wanted to sit with them again, their mobile telephone rang
Angie reported questioningly "yes?".

"Hi my heart, your poet is here.
I am terribly sorry Angie, I do not manage any more to come today, however. We still sit in the meeting here. The negotiations drag on. I have just apologized so that I can call you at least to let you know. Please don´t be mad with me. I had looked forward to tonight, but the old proverb is called: Firstly, it comes differently than, mostly, secondly you think. Please my little star forgive me ", she heard Bob pleading almost already saying with a soft voice.
Angie fought back her arising tears " I am not angry with you, Bob. You had said that you still have a meeting before. I know that you are not responsible for it, that the negotiations drag on. I am disappointed only a little because I had looked forward to meeting you finally personally so much."
Bob heard trembled as it not tried like Angie's voice to cry with disappointment.
"But, Angie, I have a surprise for you. A very good friend of mine is also here in Munich, he even stayed in your hotel. I have just spoken on the phone to him, he has promised me to take care of you as a substitute for me tonight ", Bob communicated with her.
"Bob, I do not want a substitute, I want you", replied Angie.
"I know Angie, I know. Give him a chance, you will certainly get on well but please, I am quite sure there. He is a charming entertainer even if one does not believe him capable of it absolutely at first sight. I would feel a little better then if I know that you do not sit alone at the bar the whole evening.” Bob asked full of hope. “Only for one drink Angie, yes?".
"Ok, for you, but only one drink. But, if I like him better than you, it´s your fault ", Angie kidded around back and tried so to cover her disappointment up.
Bob noticed this immediately "What shall I do with you? Oh Angie!”, he went into her bantering tone and laughed.
Both talked another while, Bob then must back for the meeting.
When Angie packed her mobile telephone into her bag again, she heard asking besides himself somebody quietly: "Excuse me, are you Angie?" When she looked up, she was looking directly into two sky-blue eyes and sank in this almost presently. She saw only these eyes and everything did not exist around her any more. “You "are?”, Angie these now a gentle voice tore them out of their sinking. I am, yes...yes” ..... stammered it helplessly. “Assumed Bob sends me today, he unfortunately can not come, lasts for his meeting well longer had. He has called me and asked to represent him in this evening. I hope you have nothing against", asked her new appointment for this evening.