Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2016

Part 7

Hello, my heart,
how does it go for you, did you have a nice day?“
„Hi Bob, nicely you contact. To me it completely goes well, the day was very interesting, but was also strenuous. In the meantime, I have slept a little, now am fit again for the evening. „I am glad that you had a nice day. What do you make then tonight?“, Bob wanted to know. „We go eat together with Jon and Richie. You do not know Oh this at all, I believe between Regina and Richie something is at hand. The both are so sweet as she herumturteln“, reported Angie already almost affectionately. Bob laughed.
„And Jon, Angie? How do you like Jon?“, he asked curiously. „Jon is very nice, obliging and brings me often to the laughter. It is nicely to be with him together.
„Do you like him, Angie?“, Bob wanted to know. Angie did not know what she should say. Should she tell Bob everything or keep better for herself. „Bob?“ „Yes my heart?“ „Do you have time? I must tell you something. „Of course Angie, I sits in the train on the journey to Cologne. What do you have on the heart?“, Bob enquired. „I do not know like I should start. It is complicated so“, tried to explain Angie Bob. „So badly it will become no fear my heart, already not. Simply start, I listen to you in rest“, he tried to encourage them. Then she caught in him the whole story about the course
To tell of eve. Afterwards she continued that they and Jon would have expressed themselves in the morning and would have stood again. „Oh I am sorry Angie, it so terribly. I can understand you, you were disappointed and I still send you Jon. Besides, I have thought, I give a big pleasure with it to you. I am only glad that you have got on both ones again. Jon is really a very dear guy and he has said me nothing of it how deeply it had met you. I do not know at all like I can make up for this. I promise one to you my darling, on Saturday I is to be gone on time again back around with you together to the concert. This I insist, I have already called off all appointments. „Bob this is miraculous, I am glad. Jon has told you nothing because he believed that you already make enough reproaches to yourself, but I kept open it for better and honestly towards you to be“, answered Angie more and more quietly growing.

Angie laughed: „I am surprised with pleasure. „It is nice to hear laughing again you my heart! So, unfortunately, Angie we must stop to call up, my train runs in the Cologne railway station. I wish you a nice evening. As soon as I am able, I contact again you. Passport on you on my small shooting star.
„If is well Bob. Pay attention you also to you, my poet!“, with these words Angie switched off her mobile phone.
On time at the given time one beat at Angies door. Angie opened and saw Jon standing before her door. He looked at them a moment silently and Angie meant to discover a warm, affectionate shine in his eyes, she knew not at all by him. „Hi Jon, walk in, nevertheless,“, said Angie and went before him to the living area of the suite, „I am equally ready. To custom another 5 minutes. I would be real for a long time so far, but Bob has called and has detained me something. Sit down and make yourselves at home it“, she requested Jon and went of drawing her shoes with a smile in the bedroom around herself.
„How does it go for Bob then, Angie?“, asked Jon next door. „It goes well to him, now he is in Cologne. Do you know what? He has called off all appointments for Saturday to be able to go with me to your concert, is this not great?“, asked Angie of full enthusiasm.
„This hears itself well to Angie, I am glad for you!“ However, thus persuasive like his answer should sound, it did not come with Angie. Briefly she thought, my God what makes I here only? I swarm about Bob and, besides Jon sits in my sitting room. I must talk with him.

Resolutely she went to Jon who just wanted to get up because he thought they would be ready for the walking. „A moment still, Jon, I must say you only something else. Sit down please again.
Jon looked at them with big eyes, „Jon, excuses, I am glad thus about Bob and, besides here you sit and I injure you with my joy. I did not want this, forgive please!
I must confess to you, I am absolutely messy. A man has never looked so affectionately after me like you and if I am frank, I must say that I have you with pleasure and it would not be difficult for me certainly to fall in love me in you. You are a wonderful man and just as I have always fancied you. Also I am never so affectionate in my whole life and have been kissed warily, how just now by you. This kiss was simply wonderful and, to tell the truth, I was disappointed a little bit because you have simply gone. But, I have Bob as with pleasure as you, maybe is there still more between us, I do not know it at the moment. He has not helped me very much as it to me went well and was there always for me. Though always only about mails or in the chat, but he was there and it would be unfair towards him, only because he could not keep to an engagement, to drop him now simply. Please, has understanding that I cannot get involved at the moment closer in you, in any case not before I have given an honest chance to Bob, he has earned that.
Jon nodded „I understand this well, Angie! I respect your request and wait, even if it is difficult for me very much, because in one you are right, the kiss just now was really wonderful, also for me. If you know Angie, I am because as long only like Bob and I can understand him if he says that he has fallen in love with you.
To me it does not go out differently with my feelings for you, but I am reserved, to you and my friend Bob for the sake of. I do not want to disappoint him, finally, he has blindly trusted me on Monday. I am glad that I might get to know you generally. You are a wonderful, sensitive and intelligent woman and every man, I with enclosed, would be overjoyed be you to be allowed to call Own. I wish nothing more ardently, as that you decide on me, but as said, I accept your decision, all the same as she precipitates.
Angie was seized by Jon's confession, dumbfounded she looked at him with big eyes.
„Jon, I …. “, Angie tries to answer something. However, she lacked the words!
Jon got up, went to Angie, took her face warily in his hands and saw them affectionately in now „you must say nothing Angie, I has surprised you with my confession, this is clear to me. Lets try to get by to us the next days up to the arrival of Bob as friends. Then we see what happen, OK?“, asked Jon quietly. Angie nodded, it was dazed as, too many feelings stormed at them, feelings which she had never known. Affectionately Jon gave her one kiss on the cheek and led them warily to the front door. „Do you have everything, Angie?“ She nodded and together they went to her friends who already waited in the entrance hall of the hotel for them, because they wanted to be a matter eating together. It became quiet food at least for Angie and Jon. Angie noticed that Jon looked at them more often affectionately, but also sadly. She tried pull herself together, more and more often she had to swallow hard to suppress her upcoming tears. Therefore, she also immediately said goodbye when food was finished. Angie used an excuse, she only knew too well that her friends will would otherwise try to persuade them to the place to stay. She felt wretched, sad and was absolutely messy. So fast it went she wanted back in her suite. Jon insisted it and accompanied them in spite of protest to her suite. There come, he looked at them once again:
„Angie, everything is really in order? Please, demonstrate to me nothing, I have seen that you have fought during food against your tears. I am sorry in such a way, I did not want this!“